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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Review: Remember When 2: The Sequel (Remember Trilogy #2) by T. Torrest

Published on: June 20th 2013
My Rating: 4 out of 5
From: Bought



You know how sometimes, your high school crush grows up to be an insanely famous movie star? Okay, probably not. But I do.~Layla Warren

Back in high school, Trip Wiley’s fanbase only encompassed the denizens of the nothing little suburb of Norman, New Jersey.

Ten years later, all that is about to change.

In the summer of 2000, Layla Warren is enjoying her career as a journalist in New York City (well, sort of), while Trip spends most of his time grabbing Hollywood by the balls. In the days before what will turn out to be his skyrocketing fame, they’ll find themselves confronted with some life-altering choices.

Remember When 2 is the second story in an NA romance trilogy. It will bring you back to that exuberant and riotous time of life in your twenties when you struggled to figure out your place in the world and the person you were meant to be…

…and the person you were meant to be with.



10 years after Remember When and we find Layla working for a Sunday pullout magazine Now! she done college, living like an adult in her own apartment, and keeping up with Lisa, her bestie. Turns out that her job is going nowhere because her boss won't allow her any freedom to expand her journalistic skills for the magazine, perfering to keep her on classifieds. Also turns out that she's just got engaged to her boyfriend of 2 years, who is..also her boss. Yes, the very one who is keeping her back.

While her romance is okay, it isn't the sparks-that-fly type of romance she had with Trip. The very same high school romance that even now she still thinks about and dreams about. He's a hot actor now on the verge of hitting it big time. that's not to say he isn't famous. He has the smile, the good looks, and the talent. He's a hot commodity in a break neck game, but he's working hard and playing hard. Well, that's what the rumours say anyway.

Layla and Trip's relationship petered out a few years back when he stopped writing to her. But he's back in town filming locally. And this gives Layla the perfect idea to see him. Once she's got the green light from her boss/boyfriend it's all set up. She takes on the role of an actual journalist and puts her reporting skills to good use...finally.

The one problem is...Layla meeting Trip again begins a rolling ball of uncertainty on both sides. For a brief moment they're both teenagers again in high school enjoying each others company. Then it starts getting personal. Layla has to figure out who she is, and what she wants from life. Trip, despite his charm and self assuredness is a heavily concealed powder keg underneath. He realises that the one thing in the world he wants is not his for the taking.

And then everything spirals out of control.

What I loved most about this sequel was that it was set so far into the future from the first. So much has changed for both characters but underneath they're both the same people. And for Trip, Layla is the only person who actually sees him for who he really is. Layla struggles with her doubts and fears for the future, especially feeling guilty when it comes to her fiancé, but is Trip just playing with her? Does her fiancé really love her?

The story is set in New York and apart from small cameos from Lisa, Pick and the gang, is mostly Layla and Trip trying to work out their feelings. There is a cliffhanger where you're left wondering what happens next. Your heart will be in your mouth near the end hoping and waiting for that epic moment but....it's in book 3! 



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