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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Review: Rocked by Clara Bayard

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Published: February 25th 2013
From: Free on Amazon


She's dreaming of a life of excitement and romance. 
When rising rock star Joe Hawk wanders into the diner where Liss works her dark night is brightened by his incredibly blue eyes and sexy smile. The attraction is immediate and every moment is charged with erotic heat. 
He's searching for something real.
The first impression is easy. Taking the next step is much harder. The plus sized beauty has to overcome her insecurities to take a risk on a man whose life is the opposite of everything she's ever known and changing faster than either of them realizes.
From the first electric touch their chemistry is undeniable and the possibilities are endless


This book was free on Amazon so I swiped it because I love Rock Star stories going for ordinary girls. In this short story, Lisa works at an all night diner. On a quiet night a gorgeous unassuming guy walks in and sits. They share conversation and then, being a gentleman, he walks her home. The story is very sweet. There are no twists or turns. Everything goes very smoothly except for self doubt on Lisa's part. This could only get 3 stars in my opinion because nothing really happens except at the end. I thought this one would be another Lick by Kylie Scott and I know there are a ton of follow-on stories to keep the tale of Lisa and Joe going. It's a shame the author didn't combine the books to a novel size rather than cut it up into novellas. Anyway, a good, nice read if you like Rock Stars! - CBx 

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