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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Review: The Moment We Began (Fairhope #2) by Sarra Cannon

Published September 15th 2013 by Dead River Books
From: Net Galley
Rating: 2 out of 5



The moment they both believe all hope is lost is the moment something real finally begins. I have loved Mason Trent for years, but I've only been sleeping with him for one.

None of my friends know about our secret passion. He's in my bed one night and in the arms of someone else the next. And it's tearing me apart.

I've done everything I can think of to make him mine, but the more I cling to him, the harder he pushes me away. I'm spiraling out of control, not sure how much more of this I can take. A girl can only bend so far until she breaks. And when I do, I break completely. I'm talking about one night of bad decisions, all leading to a my-world-will-never-be-the-same kind of moment. A moment where I need Mason more than ever. True to form, though, he's running.

But I intend to go with him this time. I'm willing to leave my money, my family, my friends behind for this one last chance to see if he could ever really love me the way I deserve to be loved. I'm willing to sacrifice forever if it means one real moment with him.



Sometimes you can't help who you love. In the case of Penny, she's loved Mason for what seems like forever. Mason doesn't love her. They spend nights together but then he's with a different girl two days later.

Some men are mean't to break our hearts. It's how we cope with it after that builds us into the people we are now.

I was excited to continue Cannon's Fairhope series. I really enjoyed the first book so my intrigue wanted to know how Penny and Mason's relationship would pan out. I think Sarra has done a great job of leaping from YA to NA. Her writing is still very very good and reaches new climbs that she wouldn't have been able to get to in YA.

Unfortunately I wasn't enamoured with this story. I enjoyed it to a certain extent. I had hopes for a fun, diverse road trip but it panned out to be a little too safe.

The first thing that I really enjoyed when reading about Penny's growth of character was when she decided to help Delores gain more financial stability with regards to the diner. This showed all of us that Penny was bright, courageous for sticking her neck out, and was definitely a brain with many talents. I thought this would be the way of the story and as Mason and Penny drive a swarth along their map into the unknown, Penny would reach out and help people along the way and learn that not everything profits even if you throw money at it. In this scenario her parents would hear of her great adventures and the good she was doing for ordinary people. She would be redeemed.

Sadly it didn't even get this far. Even more sadly an incident regarding Mason and the girl under the pier happened and I felt misguided. 

The story turned sallow, selfish, and a little too blinkered. As we reached the end Penny ended up being someone who runs a charity and does exactly what her parents had been doing all along i.e. funding charities and holding events. None of the Penny with a brilliant brain and an eye for turning businesses around stuck with her. In my honest opinion the author did Penny a discredit but I did like how Mason turned out. As a character he did show his merit.

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